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MoodleTM  is one example of an Open Source Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). MoodleTM has become popular among some educators as a tool for creating online dynamic e-leaning web sites for their students.

Note The MoodleTM software while reasonably  popular is certainly not the only open source LMS. Others you should consider as an alternative based on your actual needs are

  • OLAT winner of "IMS Learning Impact 'Leadership Award' 2009 for best open source learning platform".
  • ATutor The "A" stands for Accessible and it has excellent support for key accessibility standards as well as support.
  • Open Elms

LMS Hosting

AusTiger Hosting has been providing hosting for a variety of open source software, including LMS's for many years and is experienced in creating a web hosting environment suitable for any scale of deployment.  We also provide installation services for some of these systems.  If you need information about our LMS related services contact us with your requirements.

Our suitable web hosting plans for most open source software packages can be seen on our linux hosting plan page.


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