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  1. Is my domain registered with Telligence
  2. I've forgotten my Telligence Domain login

1.   Is my domain registered with Telligence

Browse to the following link, '' and type in the name of your domain and click 'Find Provider'.

If the response is Telligence then your domain registration is with us. 

If not, please do a search for your domain on this site, '' and contact your provider, this will be the company displayed in 'Registrar Name'.

If your domain is registered with us and you require help with something, please go to our website and complete a support request, ''.

2.   I've forgotten my Telligence Domain login

If you have forgotten your username or password to login to your domain registration console follow the instructions below.


1.  Browse to the login screen, '' and click Login.

2.  Click 'forgot password' and fill out one of the options on the form.  Instructions will be sent out to the email account associated with the account explaining how to reset the password.